Woman Shows Off New ‘Smart Vacuum’ That Every Dog Parent Will Love

Woman Shows Off New ‘Smart Vacuum’ That Every Dog Parent Will Love

Suzi is very excited to show everyone her new “smart vacuum” and points out that her Roomba “wishes it could do this.” The TikTokker was so eager, in fact, that she shared a video of it. In the video, she holds a biscuit in her hand and says, “so if I drop something on the floor it will detect that something’s been dropped on the floor and it will come and clean it up.” She drops the biscuit onto the kitchen floor and presto it’s cleaned up!
My Roomba wishes it could do this.
♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov
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This marvelous new vacuum is Hugo, a working cocker spaniel. People instantly loved the “Hugo” and want one of their own. One TikTokker commented, “Love it…take my money!” to which Suzi responded, “added to Amazon wish list.”“Where do you plug it in?” asked another. Suzi explained the Hugo is very environmentally friendly as “The ears are solar powered.”Others admired the appearance of “The Hugo.” “Awesome vacuum you have and it’s beautiful as well,” said another viewer. Suzi agreed responding, “Much more aesthetic than a normal vacuum.”But you may not actually need to run out and get yourself a Hugo as you may already have a working model in your own home, ready to go to work at the drop of a biscuit or any other morsel of food. We know we do!And for those wondering why Hugo is nicknamed “Hugo the Shark”, well there’s this.
@hugotheshark This is why we call him Hugo the Shark ? #ikeashark #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Suzi & Hugo


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