Strongest Kid in World | Next Bruce lee – Ryusei Imai

Strongest Kid in World | Next Bruce lee – Ryusei Imai

Ryusei Imai or little Bruce Lee, you have definitely seen the videos with him or at least heard about him before. Some time ago, he seemed to be one of the most famous kids in the world. His workouts with his father, appearances on TV shows, meetings with stars, and how he imitated Bruce Lee, all these videos did not leave people indifferent. Many people were sure that years later Ryusei would become a real sport or a movie star. Others doubt that after a while he would get tired of the sport and he would give up training.

But after a couple of years, there is no news about little Bruce Lee. No new videos and content at all. In his Instagram profile, only old pictures. We do not see how he looks now and whether he continues to train. Well, let’s try to figure it out today. And now, thank you for watching, and don’t forget to leave a comment below after watching this video.

Since he was very young, Ryusei has been training for two or more hours every day. Every morning before the school, he runs several kilometers with his father and then did push-ups and training the abs. After the session, he performed many difficult exercises, worked out the technique of punches, and memorized the movements of Bruce Lee films to repeat them after the idol. He moved exactly like Bruce, used nunchucks just so skillfully, even screamed just like the legendary fighter, but this show Ryusei became famous all over the world.

Ryusei became more and more famous, filming regular appearances in TV shows, advertising contracts, trip to different countries, little Ryusei lived in a difficult schedule while he had to continue to train and find some time to study. However, there is information that after a while the relationships between Ryusei’s parents became not so good. The father could not see his son and train him as before. He even thought about deleting his son’s social media profiles because he could not continue to make content for it. But he didn’t because the story of Ryusei and his training motivated millions of people around the world.

Now Ryusei is 11 years old. He lives with his mother, continues to studies but the story of his incredible fame seems to be over. Maybe it’s only at this moment but now, there are not even new pictures of Ryusei on the internet and even less videos of his training if of course, he continues to train.

We also know the rumors that his mother is against the boy’s career at such early age and do not let journalists to communicate with him and invite him to shootings. This is a really difficult situation and the only thing that we can do is to watch from the sideline. Surely many people would like to continue to watch Ryusei’s training, to watch his new tricks, and how he changed over the years.

On the other hand, fame and popularity is significant stress, especially for a young boy. Perhaps one day we will see him on our screens or maybe his story of fame is over forever. But now you know what happened to the little talent of Ryusei Imai in recent years.


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