ROCKY VII “Age is just a number” Trailer #6 Sylvester Stallone | Rocky Balboa Returns

ROCKY VII “Age is just a number” Trailer #6 Sylvester Stallone | Rocky Balboa Returns

Hey guys, for those that didn’t catch the reminder in the title and in the beginning (green screen), or the end credits, this video is 100% FAKE, fan-made, concept trailer. My objective is not to confuse or clickbait people, but to inspire fans, writers and directors, in result increase the possibility that the dream idea may come true.

Rocky Balboa comes out from retirement to inspire his son to continue his Boxing career and achieve his dream of becoming the champ.

Rocky is no doubt one of the most popular franchise, its always a special day when I get a chance to work with Rocky VII. Even though its highly unlikely Sly would ever lace up his boots again its fun to dive into fan fiction about what if Rocky returns once more.

To make the audience understand the plot, I did a voice over “Its only been 2 years and he’s already announcing his retirement from boxing” about Rocky Jr. Without wasting anytime I showed a custom breaking news I made about Rocky being back as boxer.

Then I made Rocky Jr look at a drawing of Rocky to bring the idea that he wants to be like his father but is needs confidence. This time I picked the Rocky Theme song cover to bring that nostalgia back. Since there is no mention of Rocky inspiring his son I did a custom wording sequence to bring that idea to life.

I think Rocky returning to inspire his son is a great plot, which can build into a new era establishing a Rocky Cinematic Universe including Creed.


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