Rescuer Cries Tears of Relief after Finding Injured Dog after Months of Searching

Rescuer Cries Tears of Relief after Finding Injured Dog after Months of Searching

For months, Donna with Stray Rescue of St. Louis had been searching for Tashi, a dog with a terrible injury.“Donna has been tracking this poor girl with a prolapsed rectum,” wrote Stray Rescue of St. Louis. “She finally found her today when a man walking by said ‘yea, I know the dog you’re talking about, she’s been going in there’ and pointed to a crumbling, abandoned house.”“The house was barely still standing and the only way in was across a weak, narrow board,” they continued. “And since that was the only way in, it would be the only way out as well…You’ll have to see this rescue to believe it.”Thankfully, Donna and Tashi (which means Good Fortune) got out safely. She was immediately taken to the trauma center where she got emergency surgery “after months of suffering.”

Donna especially had been concerned and worried sick about Tashi for months. When she arrived at the shelter staff with Tashi, they gave Donna a big hug “knowing how stressed she has been about this dog.” They added, “She burst into tears, so much relief and worry released.”The vets placed a “purse string” on Tashi – it’s a “suture technique to temporarily hold in the rectum and hopefully give it a chance to heal.”
Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Everyone is relieved that Tashi has a chance of recovering and wondered how she had managed to survive as long as she had with her injury.Stray Rescue St. Louis really could use more fosters so they can save more dogs this winter. Find out more about how to apply here. And to donate, visit their website.


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