Look at the top 5 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson films prior to Skyscraper

Look at the top 5 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson films prior to Skyscraper

When it comes to escapism, few action heroes rival Dwayne Johnson’s movies. We have seen him performing impossible (for a human) feats, battling CGI monsters, scaling mountains and skyscrapers. And you know what? We love it.

The role is everything Johnson wants to get across when in a movie. He play off his tough rep, shows he can do comedy, and is vulnerable. He captures it all here and gives a multi-layered performance that by the end you hate to see fade away once the kids leave the Jumanji game.

With the magic of Disney and the songwriting talents of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Johnson voicing the character of Demigod Maui is perhaps one of his most beautiful performances to date. All those years of trying to get into the family market finally paid off. And pulling off the singing is icing on the cake.

This movie didn’t just push Johnson on the path to the top level of super stardom that he’s enjoying currently, but his casting also gave new life to the “Fast and Furious” franchise. Hobbs’ intimidating force was the element the franchise needed to get out of its slump. But also, after a string of roles that went against type, Johnson dove in head first to a part that focused on his tough guy strengths. The audience responded. The rest is history.

There’s so much to love about Johnson in this movie. His comedy is perfect and is fueled working opposite Kevin Hart. And audiences thought so too, as the movie was one of the biggest box office hits of 2016.

Johnson is really unbelievable in this movie. Starring alongside Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie as bodybuilders who get caught up in an extortion and kidnapping scheme, Johnson is the highlight as the coke-snorting, born-again loose cannon Paul Doyle. The performance director Michael Bay gets out of Johnson is one of his best ever.

Johnson always gives Hobbs a comic book character quality, but in this one he’s nuts with it as he breaks the cast on his arm by just flexing it, and walks around shooting a massive gun.

Starring opposite Emily Blunt in Disney’s latest adaptation of one of its theme park rides, Johnson plays a boat captain with a lot of awful puns and a big secret. Once more Johnson shows he has the skills to work opposite another major star while still doing his hero thing.

Johnson shows off both his action and comedy chops to expand his Hobbs character from the “Fast and Furious” franchise into his own movie. The back-and-forth with costar Jason Statham is a highlight, but we’re paying to see Johnson kick butt and he does a lot of that in this movie.

Playing a dad determined to save his family from a burning 240-story building, Johnson plays this disaster movie with a lot of vulnerability. It proves that even on top, he’s always challenging himself.

Johnson really joined the “Fast and Furious” family with this one, as he teams with Dom and Brian to go on “one last job.”

Despite his obvious real-life beef with the holder of the “Fast and Furious” flame, Vin Diesel, Johnson’s work is a highlight of the movie — especially alongside Jason Statham.

Johnson takes on a bunch of mutants with the help of a super-sized ape and pretty much cements his place as one of the very few profitable action stars left in the business.

Coming off the successful original in 2017, Johnson returns in a sequel that’s even more wacky. And Johnson’s character has a little twist this time as he has to imitate Danny De Vito, who has taken over his game avatar. It takes a little getting used it. Thankfully there are also some great action sequences.

In this heist movie/buddy comedy Johnson is tasked to do a lot: not just play the hero, but also match comedic wits with Ryan Reynolds and play a romantic lead opposite Gal Gadot.

Though not always on the mark, Johnson delivers an impressive performance. The movie also an impressive benchmark in where his star power is right now.

The movie wasn’t a commercial success (though found its audience on DVD and when it hit cable TV), but after the “The Mummy Returns” and “The Scorpion King,” Johnson was finally able to play a modern-day role and showed that he could do more than show off his physique and say a couple of one-liners.


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