12 People Who Look Like Cartoon Characters

Everyone loves to idolize their favorite celebrities or characters. We love to relate to these people whether real or fake. However, in some rare cases, some very lucky people get to actually resemble some qualities of their favorite characters! Some people may even think they look like those cartoon characters, as well. From the real-life Rapunzel to Ariel, we’re counting down 12 people who look like cartoon characters.

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Elsa, Anna Faith Carlson must have ‘Frozen’ in her boots when she realized her resemblance to Queen Elsa after watching the animated movie in 2013. The Elsa look-alike became an online sensation when she posted a picture of her on Instagram posing next to a cardboard cutout of Elsa. The teenager had gone to see the movie when it all started happening. At the mall, she posed with a cardboard cutout and everybody noticed the similarities. Carlson has been performing since she was in second grade, but after people caught on to the uncanny resemblance to Elsa she’s using her storybook looks for good, dressing up as the character to entertain children and cheer up cancer patients.

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel from the original Grimm Brothers fairytale was confined to a tower. It’s common sense that if you’re stuck inside a tower you don’t really have access to a hairdresser, so it goes without saying that hair’s going to be really long. Russian beauty Daria Gubanova’s amazing head of thick golden hair now comes down almost to her ankles. And the 31-year-old, who lives in the city of Barnaul in south-central Russia’s Altai Krai region, says she will not trim her impressive mane until it reaches her toes.

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Daria began growing her hair 14 years ago when a friend bet her that she could not grow her hair long enough to braid it. So she stopped visiting her hairdresser and let her hair go free. Now she’s hailed as a modern-day Rapunzel thanks to her incredible look. Daria, who has more than 218k followers on social media, estimated that her hair is 1.5 meters (almost six feet) long. And she has gained herself an army of admirers who wish to follow in her footsteps.

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