Hancock 2 [HD] Trailer – Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman (Video Inside)



My (fan) trailer is based on Hancock 2008. Hancock becomes the city beloved hero. A sudden incident involving a big city collateral damage.

Man in black mask threatens the city for what is to come. Hancock is faced with a great challenge, his city is falling apart and his best friend is being targeted to be the man behind the black mask.

Hey guys I would like to make it clear that this video is 100% FAKE. It’s a DREAM TRAILER for the fans. I DON’T LIKE clickbait YouTubers. I have no desire to Clickbait anyone into anything.

I personally call fan made trailers or concept trailers ‘dream trailers’ because I believe that they are a form of inspiration to fans.

Instead of being discourage that their dream movie will never happen, dream trailers become a symbol of hope, that there is a possibility through popularity. Along with that the experience is unique and REALISTIC as possible. ​

I am happy to share my God-given talent by making free content through trailers. But unlike movies that has a team, I am one-man-band. I am in-charge of researching, directing, editing, promoting and managing MacamTV to produce dream trailers that millions love.


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