Young Dog Orphaned After His Owner Died is Rescued from Abandoned Home

At just one-year-old Freddie would be left alone in the yard he had grown up in through no fault of his own. After his elderly owner died, it must have come as a terrible shock for him that there was no one around to take care of him. He was orphaned and all alone.Thankfully, his plight came to the attention of Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR) in Karditsa, Greece.They managed to get permission from the deceased woman’s family to enter the premises and save “Freddie.”They were nothing if not determined and climbed over the metal fence with a crate and then gently coaxed a frightened Freddie out from under the junk he was hiding in.“He never met an other dog in person, he never walked with a lead, he never had the childhood that every puppy must have,” DAR Animal Rescue writes of why Freddie was so timid.After a vet visit, where he was neutered and vaccinated, he began to tentatively explore his surroundings. DAR writes on Facebook, “We don’t know too much about his character yet, but I can tell you he’s lived all his life, alone, in a yard, and is finding the big wide world outside rather daunting right now… but don’t worry, Freddie, we’re right here with you, little man!”
Diasozo Animal Rescue
At the shelter, Freddie is beginning to warmly accept Ermione’s cuddles and wags his tail whenever someone stops by to visit. This little cutie “will have a forever home and a proper good life,” DAR says. If you are interested in potentially adopting Freddie or supporting the work his rescuers do, visit them on Facebook.You can also support them on Patreon.

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