Woman’s Reaction After She Gives Her Dogs a New Plush Toy Is Something All Dog Lovers Will Understand

No dog should be without a stuffed animal friend. But as this video hilariously demonstrates, every dog parent knows why we end up buying so many of them for our dogs. There are attempts to repair them and sometimes that works. But when it doesn’t, many of us do what Samantha Copley does. She goes shopping for her dogs Layla the Boxer and Luna the Aussie/Heeler mix and brings them home a bag of new plush toys. But when she hands them over… well, as Copley says, “Dog parents can relate.”
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Yes, one by one the toys get played into pieces – another one bites the dust, then another one and another one! One dog parent shared why she thinks we keep buying them. “We keep buying them more because we love the way they react when we hand them a new one,” she wrote, to which Copley on Layla_the_boxer’s TikTok account responded, “Exactly!”“Yep and we keep going back for more don’t we?” said another fan. “Haha every time,” answered Copley.Not all dogs tear up their stuffed toys. Some, like the dog in this video are gentle and treat them as companions. And others like Nico the shelter dog, always carry their favorite friend wherever they go.

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