Woman Sees ‘Hyena-Looking Animal’ On Highway And Stops To Rescue Her

Whem Prue from Mission Pawsible spotted a “hyena-looking animal” on a busy road she stopped to help her. It was a dog suffering from terrible mange and she had open wounds over her skin. Not only that, but the dog was terrified when she got picked up and completely froze.
Mission Pawsible
But it was obvious the dog was relieved to be rescued because she fell asleep in Prue’s lap. Prue began to give the dog the medicine she needed to recover and soon her long, silky fur was growing back in.
Mission Pawsible
Prue decided to name her Hilary Swank-y and as Hilary got better she also learned how to be a dog and gain confidence to be a loving family member when she got adopted! And now Hilary is the happiest dog now.

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