Woman Discovers Coyotes Love Squeaky Toys As Much As Dogs

A woman staying at hospital discovered by accident that coyotes really love squeak toys.Redditor Squanchinthepark accidentally left the toy outside in the garden where she was staying when she caught sight of a coyote. The wild animal had found the squeaky toy and was absolutely delighted.Squanchinthepark shared the clip and wrote, “Turns out coyotes love squeaky toys too.”She explains that the video does not have audio because she did not want to startle the coyote by opening a window. “I wanted to film from outside so badly for that very reason [ed. to get the sound, but was afraid the sound of any door/window opening would scare him/her off.”Viewers are loving how playful the coyote is. It’s clear he/she is having a lot of fun pouncing and throwing the toy.For those wondering, Squanchinthepark was diagnosed with cancer and responded to Redditors who asked how she was doing.She answered, “Doing great actually! I’m responding really well to my treatment. Cancer treatment has come such a long way in such a short span of time!”We’re glad Squanchinthepark is doing well and hope she has more visits from her playful coyote friend to lift her spirits.

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