Traumatically Injured Street Dog Heroically Refuses Give Up

A street dog was dying and rushed to Animal Aid Unlimited for urgent care. He needed emergency life support as he was suffering from shock and internal bleeding. With so much trauma to his body, his rescuers could only pray that he would make it.Animal Aid wrote: “When the government hospital vet called us to rescue a dog someone had dropped there after finding him unconscious on the road, we hurried to help. And so lucky that we did, because this sweetheart didn’t have much longer to live.”
Animal Aid Unlimited, India
They drove him by ambulance to their facility and Kenny survived the journey.“We rushed back to the Animal Aid hospital where we gave him emergency IV fluids to treat shock and dehydration, and oxygen to help his labored breathing,” the rescue group continued.“With so much blood loss, we weren’t sure he would ever wake up. But within a few hours, his eyes brightened, and he seemed to partially absorb the idea that he was in a new place. He was returning to consciousness and beginning a second chance at life.”But Kenny’s recovery is truly miraculous and seeing him go from being on “death’s door” to up and playing with other dogs is awe-inspiring to see!
Animal Aid Unlimited, India
Animal Aid Unlimited shared that Kenny’s recovery took 2 months and included daily therapy to regain his ability to walk, to eat, and to think, adding, “It was long but beautiful.”

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