‘This One Shook Us All,’ Seasoned Rescuers In Tears While Saving Dogs

Nineteen dogs starving in the woods will spend their first night in foster homes. But their rescue left the people that saved them shaken. “Where do I even begin? Over the years, Stray Rescue [of St. Louis] has been asked to help with some of the worst cases imaginable, but this one shook us all,” writes Cassady with Stray Rescue. She was at a loss of words of how to introduce the video of the dogs’ rescue. “To express their pain, neglect, heartache, and sadness,” she says,”This story needs to be told by them.”Cassady continues, “This was an absolutely heartbreaking rescue, but we all can sleep a little better knowing these babies are safe, and we will not give up until all are off that property.”Please note, there are images of deceased dogs between minute 4:03 to 5:03 that may disturb some viewers. Otherwise, the video focuses on the happy rescues of the 19 surviving dogs.Visit the Stray Rescue of St. Louis website to support their rescue efforts.

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