Thirty Puppy Mill Dogs Walk on the Ground for the First Time

The 30 rescued dogs had never walked on the ground in their entire lives until this very moment. National Mill Dog Rescue saved the puppy mill dogs and brought them to Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA.Thats where rescuers couldn’t wait to let the dogs get their first taste of freedom and feel the soil under their feet. They took a video of the dogs’ very first moments walking on the ground. Their tails are wagging like crazy and they sure look happy experiencing their freedom for the first time ever in their lives!The 30 dogs were part of a rescue operation that picked up 75 surrendered breeding dogs from multiple puppy mills in Kansas and Missouri.Theresa Strader, founder of the rescue, had this to say about this rescue operation, “With the support of our community, other rescue groups and our volunteers, we were able to save many lives and give these dogs a chance for a life outside of the cage.”The dogs were soon made available for adoption and have found wonderful homes since. Here’s Bode, one of the dogs rescued.And Kendall. We’re so glad these cuties and the dogs were rescued and now are enjoying lives in forever homes. National Mill Dog Rescue continues to rescue dogs from puppy mills across the United States. They recently rescued 16 dogs, who got to experience their very first blankets at the shelter.

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