Sweet Dog Wants To Share Her Dinner With Her Toy Pet Mouse

A cute dog who doesn’t like to eat alone is warming the hearts of dog lovers. In the short clip shared to YouTube, the small dog is seen at her dinner bowl. She’s eating with her stuffed toy mouse next to her when she stops to gently lift her mouse so it can eat with her!Her family, who live in Las Palmas, Spain, filmed the touching moment and wrote, “Knowing that my dog always takes her mouse with her when she goes to eat, I thought of recording her.”Viewers couldn’t help but comment about how considerate and sweet the dog is. “Oh my goodness this was the cutest thing. How adorable is she putting her mouse up against her food bowl to eat with her,” wrote one person.“She is just darling sharing her meal with her little mouse,” exclaimed another viewer.“Now that is the sweetest thing ever. She is so caring and knows how to share,” said another.One viewer thought the dog might have a more selfish motive. They commented, “I’d say she just doesn’t want anyone else to touch her toy while she eats! My goofy dog puts his ball in his food bowl while he eats from it.”But the majority of viewers think the small dog really is trying to share, given the way she places the toy so exactly and so gently. “A pet dog having a pet of her own,” thought one viewer. And some people encouraged the family to get another dog, given the little dog might be lonely and love the company of another dog. Or, maybe a mouse?

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