Street Dog’s Tail Never Stops Wagging Entire Time He is Healing

Oaty is not “just your average sweetheart with mange” says Animal Aid Unlimited, India. The little dog was very scared when they arrived to rescue him, but the “second he was in our arms on that treatment table” Oaty was so grateful.The moment they began to give him treatment “Oaty’s tail started to wag and, seriously, it did not stop for the entire month he was healing with us,” his rescuers write.The sweet street dog’s tail became a reason for his caregivers to smile. So much so that they share the impact he made on them. “Every little flicker of attention he received, he rewarded with the most endearing swipes of his long wand-like tail as if he were the conductor of a symphony of pure sweetness.”Oaty really does make an amazing transformation, from a ragged coated dog to an angel in heals from mangeAnimal Aid, Unlimited

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