Stray Dog Steals Bone From Veterinary Clinic

A stray dog decided to help himself to a little snack while the staff at a veterinary clinic in Brazil were having a break. The dog is seen on surveillance footage walking into the vet clinic’s shop area and snatching a bone from the shelf as staff stand nearby. Staff at the clinic in Formosa do Oeste explains that they invited the little dog inside, they just didn’t think he would get a snack. The clinic owner writes on YouTube, “I was working at my veterinary clinic when this little dog appeared from the street. He stayed there at the clinic sleeping all day. As it was a cold day, he stayed inside practically all day.”“We gave him food and went eat an afternoon snack. While we were eating and talking, my employee heard a noise, that’s when she saw the puppy picking up the bone and running outside,” the clinic’s owner continues.“We knew he was inside, but we didn’t imagine he would get the snack, lol.” The veterinarian went across the the street and noticed the dog gnawing on the bone and enjoying his treat!

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