Stray Dog Hiding In Rubble Reveals His Heartbreaking Condition

His blue eyes peered out at them from the rubble. Ocean, a street dog living in India, had been badly wounded and sought shelter in a collapsing building. When Animal Aid Unlimited approached Ocean they could see he was in heartbreaking condition. He had a gaping neck wound with maggots spilling out.
Animal Aid Unlimited
“His pain must have been so gripping that he couldn’t eat, and malnourishment had weakened him,” rescuers wrote. “His blue eyes were bright with pain and intelligence.”They hurried him to hospital and began the time consuming process of removing the maggots and rehydrating him.

Animal Aid Unlimited
They were greatly encouraged when they saw how much Ocean loved his food and he gained strength rapidly.
Animal Aid Unlimited

“With such a large wound, it took two months for him to heal, but long before his healing was complete this loving angel had made friends with every staff member in his area, and most of the dogs too,” Animal Aid Unlimited said. They shared a video of Ocean’s recovery and it’s amazing to see just how far he’s come.To support Animal Aid Unlimited in their rescue efforts, visit their website.

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