Scruffy Stray Dog Keeps On Evading Her Rescuers

Ariel was scruffy and scared and stuck living next to a canal in a rural area of California. When Danny from A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue answered the call to save her he noticed Ariel was limping.Seeing her with splinters in her paw was heartbreaking. And after several attempts to catch her Danny enlisted help from his friend Sheila. “We had to try a few different things to finally rescue her,” he writes on YouTube. “At one point, to get away from us, she jumped into the canal and swam to the other side! It freaked us out! We were worried the current would take her away, or that she wouldn’t be able to climb back out. Thank goodness we were wrong!” “After that, we decided to name her Ariel. Because she’s a little mermaid! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture any photos or videos while that was happening, so we left it out of the video.”Ariel is now in the care of The Kern Project in San Francisco.

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