Rescued Great Pyrenees Dogs Reluctant to Walk On Grass for First Time

Les Amis des Animaux heard about 8 Great Pyrenees dogs living in filth after their owner had died and saved them.The dogs were starving and dirty from living in a muddy enclosure. There was one that was blind, several that were sick and one that was pregnant.
Les Amis des Animaux
They found foster homes for five of the dogs that weren’t in bad shape, with the remaining three going to the rescue’s shelter/home because of their poor condition.

These three were so traumatized that they couldn’t walk. They had to be put in a wheelbarrow to get into the shelter. Snowdrop had a severe gut infection that needed treatment. Lulu was pregnant and Wily was blind and skin and bones under his matted fur. Slowly but surely the dogs improved and began to eat. Lots of patience was needed as the dogs weren’t even familiar with walking on grass. See how these dogs’ journeys ended in the video below:Les Amis des Animaux is a rescue in France and England. You can visit their website here:

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