Puppy Waits At Car Repair Shop Hoping Someone Will Save Her And Her Siblings

Three puppies were living in the yard of a car repair shop when Howl Of A Dog arrived. The three puppies – Cora, Kami and Carly – had been treated kindly by the employees there and never lacked for food. But as the Romanian rescue explains, they hadn’t been vaccinated and unfortunately all three contracted parvovirus. Fortunately, Howl Of The Dog was on hand to help them.Now all three dogs have fully recovered and are ready to find their forever homes. Howl OF A Dog says they have trouble filming the three because they are full of puppy energy and love to play. “They are now 9 months old, very playful and friendly with all dogs. If you have a loving home for any of them, please check out their adoption profile for more details: Carly, Kami and Cori.

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