Puppy Mill Rescue Basset Hounds Get Their First Ever Spa Day

Yesterday was the day for Bassets Hounds spa day! There’s nothing quite like Basset Hounds! Dogs full of love, curiosity, energy, and lots of wrinkles! Don’t miss this adorable experience and watch to the end to see some of the mayhem caused by these girls. A big thanks to Debbie who bathed all three of these hounds on her own. What a feat! Visit Nmdr.org to learn more.Bassets Hounds Maggie, Roxie and Stella have never had a spa day before, but they are about to get one. Watch as these sweet dogs wag their tails and sniff around the spa. Rescued from a puppy mill by National Mill Dog Rescue writes the trio are “Dogs full of love, curiosity, energy, and lots of wrinkles…There’s nothing quite like Basset Hounds!”

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