Puppy Lives In Oxygen Bubble Until She’s Ready To Venture Out On Her Own

This is the inspirational story of Sally the puppy. Sally got pneumonia when she was just a puppy and her lungs stopped working. When she was rushed to the vet she was gasping for air and had turned blue. Sally had to live in an oxygen bubble to help her breathe. The vets thought she would be in the bubble for only a few weeks but it turned out to be much, much longer. Her lungs had to get better before she go out and she had to build up her stamina slowly. Eventually, they made her a bigger bubble and she could move around. She would light up when the vet techs got inside her bubble with her. Slowly, Sally ventured out of her bubble, but for only a few seconds a day. Gradually, she could be outside her bubble for longer but she always knew when she had reached her limit and had to go back in. Then one day, she surprised everyone at the hospital. She had chosen the day she no longer wanted to go back into the bubble!As her breeder had given her up, Sally went to live with Bonnie, one of the vet techs who knew her. Now, Sally is always excited to try new things and go on adventures with her family. Her happiness with every moment is a joy to watch.

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