Puppies Abandoned in a Field Scurry Away When Rescuers First Approach Them

A litter of puppies abandoned in a rural field scurried away when Ermioni and her team from DAR Animal Rescue arrived to save them. The pups had been left to die in the Greek countryside, their mother nowhere to be seen. No wonder they were afraid of humans and tried to hide. But thankfully, the right people were there to help them.At one point in the rescue effort, Ermioni and her fellow rescuer have to block one puppy from running away along a pathway above a ditch. Another puppy is hiding in the grass. And another is sitting and watching, unsure of what is happening to his siblings. But eventually, all the pups are safely caught and brought to the rescuers’ car. The puppies have since been taken to the vet and are now at DAR’s shelter, where they will be cared for until they find homes. They are already much healthier and bigger than they were when they were rescued weeks earlier.

If you are interested in adopting one of the puppies or in supporting DAR Animal Rescue, visit their Facebook page.

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