Playful Husky Won’t Let Any of His Friends in the Pool

A pack of dogs wanted to get in the kiddie pool to have some fun but it was already claimed by this white dog. The playful dog spins, bounces and splashes in and out of the kiddie pool while his happy friends look on. One husky looks like he’s telling his friend to give him a turn. But the white dog isn’t giving an inch! Viewers love seeing the dogs have so much fun. One took the white dog’s point of view, writing, “We all agreed I get to use the pool on days that start with the letter T. Tuesday, Thursday, Today and Tomorrow.”Several other viewers drew a parallel to martial arts films. “It’s like those Kung Fu fights where the gang has the guy surrounded but they still fight him one-at-a-time while everyone else just tries to look busy.”Another wrote, “This is like when Bruce Lee is surrounded by low level henchmen.”Others couldn’t help but laugh at the dogs’ antics. “This is what the zoomies look like when the dog only has about 3 feet of space to work with,” observed one. And one YouTuber wrote, “It’s MINE! All MINE!!! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Can’t stop laughing.”

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