Pit Bull Dog Convinces Woman Who Saved Her From Neglect To Adopt Her

When Maddy learned that Rosie the Pit Bull was being neglected in her home, she knew she had to step forward to help the dog. Maddy first learned about Rosie from one of her best friends who told her that their roommate wasn’t looking after the dog. Rosie was being kept in a crate for days at a time and wasn’t getting any attention or care.So Maddy told the roommate to begin to take care of Rosie or else. When he didn’t she went to get Rosie and found out the guy had left town and left Rosie in the crate with no food or water. Maddy knew Rosie needed care but as a broke grad student she hadn’t thought to keep Rosie for too long. But she fell for Rosie’s charms and when she learned how much love Rosie had to give, she decided to keep her. Now Rosie is adored by Maddy’s parents and is living her best life!

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