Paralyzed Pregnant Dog Found Lying Helplessly in Middle Of Road is Rescued

Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR) received a call about a dog lying in the middle of the road and arrived to help the injured dog. It was dark out and cars were speeding on the street putting the dog and her rescuers at serious risk of being hit. Ermioni immediately noted the dog was paralyzed and couldn’t stand, which endangered everyone even more. But thanks to the persistence and courage of the DAR rescue team Ermioni was able to get the dog in a crate. And one of the passing cars stopped to help them lift the dog into their vehicle. They immediately took the dog to the vet where they were shocked to learn the dog was pregnant! Within 24 hours of her rescue, she was giving birth. Tragically, none of her 4 puppies survived.The dog’s heart is weak and she has an undiagnosed neurological problem, so her recovery will take time. But after leaving the vets and receiving lots of TLC at DAR’s shelter her rescuers are delighted to see her back up on her feet! They are hoping she will continue to recover her strength. To help DAR, please visit them on Patreon and Facebook.

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