Overexcited Dog Sprints Down Wedding Aisle to Bring Ring to Bride and Groom

There was a whole lot of excitement when Colonel, the honorary groomsman and ring bearer showed up at the wedding of his humans. The Labrador Retriever was so excited for his parent’s big day that he sprinted down the aisle, knocked down the microphone and nearly jumped up on the bride.You might say their wedding went with a hitch. But bride Kate Gueno said that wasn’t the plan. The bride and groom had hired a professional dog trainer before the wedding to teach Colonel to “gracefully carry the ring down the aisle.”But as anyone who has ever owned (or met) a Lab, the dogs have their own version of graceful!You’ll be happy to know that after the brief moment of “doggie” excitement, the bride and groom’s wedding went smoothly (with a hitch) and that Kate said Colonel’s participation was a must and that she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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