Old Dog ‘Shaking Like a Leaf’ At Shelter Finds Reason To Smile

When Shira with The Animal Rescue Mission saw a video of Bruno at the shelter, the little senior dog was shaking and shaking. He wouldn’t stop he was so scared. Shira knew she had to help him and quickly picked him up to bring him on his freedom ride. Even in the car, Bruno continued to shake. Shira had never seen a dog shake so much. Foster volunteer Chekechea wanted to take care of Bruno and help him heal. She told the Dodo that Bruno would cry in the middle of the night, so she would sing him lullabies. Soon, his personality began to emerge and Chekechea says jokingly it’s the personality of a “grumpy old man”. Three and a half weeks later, Bruno would meet a potential adopter that would change his life.Armen and Bruno clicked right away and the “little old man” dog who had been shaking like a leaf a month earlier now has a happy home where he is loved. Both Shira and Chekechea are overjoyed that Bruno now has the life he deserves.

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