New Puppy Neighbors Peek Under Fence to Say ‘Hi’ to Cat

When three new puppies moved in next door to Billy the Bengal cat, they immediately wanted to make friends. The cat’s owner in Sydney, Australia shared on YouTube why the puppies regularly sick their head under the fence:“Billy the Bengal had new neighbors move in next door. They are 3 new puppies. Billy plays with them under the fence and the puppies always stick their heads under the fence to watch Billy and look for some love and attention.”As the saying goes, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” At least these three puppies think so. They look so curious as to what is going on in their neighbor’s yard and disappointed that they can’t get under the fence to give Billy and his human a proper greeting. One viewer commented, “Taking the ‘nosy neighbor’ role to a whole new level. They’re so cute!”Another wrote, “They’re like little kids watching you make cookies.”Here’s hoping the puppies get to come over for a visit in the future. Viewers agree, with one writing, “You won the puppy neighbour lottery…here’s hoping the owners are just as friendly!”

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