Neglected Mom and Puppies Dumped in a Cardboard Box Have Their Dreams Come True

The mother was shaking and her pups riddled with mange when they were brought to a sterilization drive put on by Sidewalk Specials in South Africa. The dogs’ owner had lost his job and couldn’t afford to feed them. “A little box of misery was pulled out of the queue at Steri Drive 8,” Sidewalk Specials wrote of the dogs. They took Sandy, as they named the mama dog, and her puppies immediately to the vet. Sadly, one of the pups passed away within hours of arrival. But all the others responded well to treatment and soon were in foster care. Sandy’s pups are all now in wonderful homes. Sandy too became a happy dog but it took some time for her to find a forever home. But she did and it’s a dream come true!

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