Mama Dog Leads Woman to Her Puppies Hiding Under a Shack

When Katlin Pardy first spotted Rosy, the mama dog lead her up a road, onto a dirt path, and to an abandoned shack. There, Katlin found two puppies.Fortunately, rescuing the dogs was easy and Rosy followed Katlin to her car as she carried her puppies. Katlin found fosters for the puppies quickly, but finding a foster for an adult dog was a bit harder. That is until Cerissa read Rosy’s story online and reached out to help. Katlin began rescuing dogs after she arrived on the island of Sint Maarten to work in the COVID ICU and “quickly found a handful of dogs in need and spent my time here helping them and bonding with them.”She works with SXM Paws to rehome the dogs.

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