Mama Dog and Her Puppies Saved From Disgusting House

A feral mama dog and her babies have a healthy future ahead of them after being rescued from a derelict home. Stray Rescue of St. Louis had to climb through garbage and waste that was strewn all over the floors of an abandoned home to save the dog family. The seasoned rescuers noted that the house was “by far one of the most disgusting houses we have EVER been in.” In their first video of the dogs’ rescue, the rescuers soon locate the feral dog, her black fur making her hard to see against the black walls. She was nursing her puppies, but she outsmarted their rescue attempts and the rescuers were forced to return another day. Donna and the rescue team decided to come back in the morning with a new plan to catch her and this time they succeeded!Donna knew it “wasn’t going to be pretty” and expected the mama dog to protest getting in a crate. But Donna’s experience paid off and she and the team were able to get the mama and her three puppies back to their shelter. Sadly, they discovered two deceased puppies as well, but they brought them back with them and will pay them tribute. “We named them, will have them cremated, and will honor them,” the group wrote. The mama and her babies are finally out of the dirty home and have a bright future to look forward to. “What a sweet little family.”

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