Longtime Shelter Dog Delighted To Walk Red Carpet To His New Mom

Roll out the red carpet it’s time to give Bowie the shepherd mix a proper send-off. After Bowie spent over a year at Whatcom Humane Society, the shelter staff were growing worried that Bowie wouldn’t find his forever family.He is a fantastic dog but is still “learning his manners” Andrea Merrill, Whatcom Humane Society’s development associate, told The Dodo. She added that he quickly won over the staff with his sweet nature.Bowie did have several adoption applications but the homes did not work out and he returned to the shelter.“He’s one of those dogs who just need an entire village to invest in him,” Merrill said. “That’s why [the adoptions] kept not working out….”
Whatcom Humane Society
Plenty of volunteers took care of Bowie. They played with him, took him on walks and made sure he was well looked after.
Whatcom Humane Society
Then, came the news. A local college student who had been keeping a close eye on Bowie on social media, had fallen in love with him.  For around six months she followed his progress but she couldn’t adopt him at the time, until one day she could! Audrey had graduated and found a job so when she saw that Bowie was still available at WHS she knew the timing was right and applied to adopt him.“It’s very much a ‘the right person found the right dog’ situation,” Merrill said. “And everyone here at Whatcom was so excited for Bowie to start this new chapter.” So excited that they spiffied up Bowie for his big day.Then it was time for Bowie to walk the red carpet!Everyone is so happy that day the energy is infectious!Now a few months settled into his new home, Audrey sent an update to Whatcom about Bowie, which they shared on Facebook.“I just wanted to send along an update on how things are going with Mr. Bowie. We had a private session with Jen from Tails-a-Waggin last week that went super well and was really helpful for both of us,” she wrote “In the two short weeks since he joined our family, Bowie has settled in quite nicely. He LOVES to sleep under my bed every night, despite having multiple beds around the house. He also likes to take some naps on top of my bed during the day.”She continued, “We have gone on a couple of adventures together now, but we are spending a lot of time in the Chuckanuts. He really enjoys jumping in some water whenever he gets the chance, especially if it’s nice and muddy so he can share the mud with everyone when he shakes. During the day he spends a lot of time napping in the yard. He is the sweetest, most mellow, lovely dog and he has been a perfect addition to our home. Thank you for helping Bowie and I find each other!”To support the Whatcom Humane Society help more dogs like Bowie or to see what dogs they have available for adoption visit their website.

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