How To Make An Adorable Puppy Flower Bouquet

Here’s a cute craft project for how to make a puppy-shaped flower bouquet. It’s a great gift for the dog lovers you know and can be given on any special occasion! It’s pretty simple to make and you don’t need that many supplies to get started.As you’ll see in the videos below, you can make the cute floral arrangements with silk flowers or real flowers.For making a real flower bouquet you’ll need:
a block of wet floral foam
12 or more carnations (or cushion mums and other types of flowers)
a glue gun
scissors or flower clippers
a display vase or basket
craft stuffed animal eyes and nose
a couple of bows (optional)
assorted floral foliage and filler (any assortment you like)
For a silk flower bouquet you’ll need the same supplies as above except you’ll need silk flowers and you can substitute a styrofoam ball instead of floral foam.In the video below, the woman demonstrates how to make one using at least 9 big flowers and 6 small ones. It’s a good tutorial to walk you through all the steps to make this adorable puppy bouquet!You can use aspen wood, moss or ferns to fill in the space around the puppy. You can also put bows on the ears and add whatever decorative touches you like.For example, carnations and ferns surround the puppy bouquet in the photo below.The following bonus video is a good visual tutorial for making a puppy bouquet with real flowers. Note it is in Spanish language.There’s obviously a lot of personal creativity that can go in to the finishing touches. WE can see adding more red flowers for Valentine’s Day or an assortment of bright colors for Easter!It’s a simple craft project that kids are sure to enjoy too. I can imagine this flower arrangement will be appreciated by any dog lover who receives one!

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