Group of Introverted Dogs Meet Up and it Goes Exactly Like You Would Expect it to

It’s not a scene one usually sees at a dog park. Dogs quietly standing apart from one another, each minding their own business and avoiding eye contact. There wasn’t the normal rambunctious playing or barking or butt sniffing you’d expect with a pack of dogs. But there’s a reason for that. This was a meet up of introverted dogs. Or, as Sofia Rosten likes to call them, “more calm dogs.” Rosten lives in Sweden and when she found a Facebook group about introverted dogs recently she thought it would be perfect for her rescued street dog. Her dog Keela is quite shy and selective about who she makes friends with. So she and her boyfriend brought their dog to the dog park and filmed what happened. The meet up was charming and sweet and unusual. No wonder it went viral!

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