German Shepherd Adorably Runs Around Yard With Toy Car

A dog in Stanton, Kentucky saw how his dad played with his daughter with their toy car and decided to play too. The German Shepherd’s family wrote:“My dog watched me push me daughter in the car and I guess he thought it looked like a good time so he’s been running with [it] ever since, so I figured I’d get some videos of him.”Viewers loved seeing the dog so happy. “Dogs just living its best life,” proclaimed one viewer. Many people jokingly commented how easy it would be for the dog to start mowing their lawn. Said one, “German shepherd: Ah! Don’t mind me! I’m just mowing my owner’s lawn.”We’ve seen a Newfie snowplow her family’s property so we don’t think it would be too much of a stretch for this dog to take up a push lawn mower.

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