Gentle Great Dane Loves Taking Care of Orphaned Puppies And Kittens

A Great Dane being fostered was so welcoming to the orphaned puppies and kittens with her foster family that they decided to keep her. Shelby was just 8 months old when her family surrendered her to a California shelter. Shirley Zindler, with Dogwood Animal Rescue Project, took Shelby in to foster and soon noticed that the big dog had a wonderful way with the babies she brought home. The big dog was so gentle with the puppies, letting them tug on her jowls and climb all over her. So, Zindler officially adopted her and now Shelby helps her mom with her rescue work in so many ways!Shelby’s helped hundreds of puppies learn good social skills and dozens of cats. You can help support Dogwood Animal Rescue Project with their rescue efforts by visiting their website.

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