French Bulldog is Definitely Not a Fan of Fishing

A French Bulldog out fly fishing with his mom and dad in Bennett Springs, Missouri was kept dry but wasn’t too happy about it. His mom took this cute video of the pup in a carrying case on the back of his dad and mom calls to him “Hey, sweet boy. Are you angry?” What do you think?Viewers couldn’t help but laugh at the grumpy pup’s reaction. Lily J commented, “He’s like ‘don’t just sit there and film, bish come save me.’”Kim Bibbs thought, “He wanted to swim, instead of hang around in a bag while Dad fishes!!! ADORABLE!!!”
Erik Dee imagined the frenchie needs to follow the rules to go fishing. “Fish and Game: “You don’t have a Frenchie stamp on your license!”Regardless of the Frenchie’s fishing skills, it’s really quite adorable that his mom and dad took him along for the “ride”/fish.

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