Fed Ex Worker Rescues Abused Pit Bull Puppy While Out On Her Route

A Pit Bull puppy had scar marks on her face when Fed Ex worker Sabrina Bryant spotted her while out on her route. But those scars have been replaced with love.Bryant was out delivering packages in Burlington, North Carolina when she saw the dog running loose.“I found her on the street,” Bryant told Newsweek and “every house I stopped at told me to take her home.” The neighbors told her “that around here was no good as there is a ‘ring’ around the area I found her.” By ‘ring’ they were meaning a dog fighting ring.Bryant judged that the dog, who she named Chevelle, had been repeatedly hit and that the dog had a chipped tooth. She was also missing a patch of fur on her neck. Bryant said, “I’ve had her for eight months and the hair won’t grow back.”Chevelle still is afraid of most people and gets nervous if someone holds something in their hands and tries to pet her. But she loves dogs and cats. And she is slowly healing and loves her life with Bryant and her family.

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