Dying Bernese Mountain Dog Gets ‘Last Snow Fix’ in the Middle of Summer

A dying Bernese Mountain Dog got to enjoy one last snow day thanks to a community coming together to help her. When Brooke’s family learned she had a terminal illness and only had days left to live, they wanted to let her enjoy some of her favorite things. One of those things was snow. Reddit user Canadianbuilt posted their unusual request to a subreddit in Calgary, Alberta. The “fur-dad” wrote, “Our 11.5 year old Berner has a couple days left. She loves snow, but isn’t going to make it to winter. Does anyone know of any rinks or anything that has a good pile of snow behind them so she can go lay on the snow one last time?”Hundreds responded, and one reader made it happen. That person worked at an ice rink. They immediately jumped into action. Soon, Brooke and her family were driving out. “Follow up from the hunt for snow,” Canadianbuilt wrote. “The amazing guys at Bowness Sportsplex immediately started dumping their snow outside for us.”He shared a photo of Brooke enjoying her special snow day.“She passed away a few hours after getting her last snow fix,” Canadianbuilt added. “After we got back from laying on the snow, my girlfriend carried her out of the truck and onto the lawn on the front yard where it was nice and shady, and she loved to hang out so much,” he later shared. “She laid there for a few hours while we said our goodbyes, and she gave us kisses, and then she went. I cried like I’ve never cried before […]”“Rest well, Brooke,” her family wrote. “We won’t forget you.”It is comforting to know that Brooke was surrounded by love as she crossed over Rainbow Bridge.

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