Dog’s Heart and Soul Broken By Cruelty Finds Kind People to Help Her

Nixxi is only about 1 year old but she has already endured so much. “She was found in a village, a young man noticed a dog hiding herself in some bushes. She was so scared and wouldn’t allow anyone to approach so we had to put sedatives in her food,” writes DAR Rescue in Greece. Then they noticed the smell coming from the small dog. “The smell of her rotting skin was unbelievable,” rescuers wrote. The stench came from an embedded collar that had cut deep into her neck and caused the skin to become necrotic. But that was not the only part of her that was damaged. “This dog’s heart and soul is broken and that is the result of someone’s actions,” Ermione of DAR Rescue writes. For weeks Nixxi responded only with fear and refused to eat if anyone was around. Her tail was firmly tucked between her legs whenever someone approached her. More weeks followed but her rescuers continued to be patient with her, knowing it would take time. Eventually, Nixxi was introduced to other dogs to see that life could be nice. Says DAR Rescue, “Thankfully we were able to help her and to find her adoption and that makes everything worth it.”

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