Dogs are So Excited to Go on Doggie School Bus They Don’t Even Say Goodbye

When these dogs learn from their mom it’s time to go to doggie dog care they jump to their feet and race for the door. In fact, they are so excited they don’t even bother to look back to say goodbye to their mom! Watch as they race off to the special doggie school bus waiting for them.The second video shows the doggie pet sitter picking up another dog who is equally excited to get onto the bus. The doggie school bus takes the dogs to a large park where they get to play with their pals for the day before being dropped back home later in the day. The video below shows the dogs arriving at the daycare, eager to get out and at the end of the day they get back onboard the bus. They are so well behaved! Rudy is another dog who loves to run to the doggie school bus that comes to pick him up.

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