Dog Who Was Attacked by Another Dog and Left for Dead Makes Wonderful Comeback

Watger was attacked by another dog and left for dead. But thanks to Sidewalk Specials and their supporters he’s all better now. After Watger was attacked, his family tried to care for his injuries but didn’t have the money or resources to help him heal. That’s when his owners reached out to the South African animal rescue for help.When Watger was better he returned home to his very happy family. Sidewalk Specials writes, “Keeping township dogs with their loving families is always first prize – not only does it educate the township community on responsible pet care, it prevents another animal entering an already over flowing welfare system.” Some dog lovers may not like that Watger went back to his family after he had been so hurt. But Sidewalk Specials explains it was the best decision in the circumstances. They write, “We can’t ‘home them all,’ there will never be enough loving/ responsible homes, but we can uplift and sterilise to prevent future suffering!”If you would like to help Sidewalk Specials keep helping the dogs of De Doorns visit their website at:

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