Dog Nicknamed ‘Lord Of The Dance’ Puts On Fantastic Performance

Skiffle and trainer Lucy Creek are veterans of the Crufts Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition. After 5 years of attending, they put on this wonderful show in 2019. With Irish flute in hand and snout, the pair danced around the auditorium to a Celtic medley of tunes to the delight of the audience. Take a look at their whimsical and charming performance below.Viewers of the routine wrote, “Loved their performance. Lucy seems like such a calm lady, which I think, helps give the wonderful dog the ability to perform with grace and enthusiasm…the ending had me tapping my ‘paws.’”“What’s even greater is seeing the joy expressed on the dog’s face…” commented another. “Amazing musicality on the part of the dog!! He barely misses a beat. 10/10 Michael Flatley would be proud!”Here’s another wonderful performance of Shiffle and Lucy to Cinderella that won them top prize.

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