Dog Loves Playing On Swing His Dad Made Him

Boudin the 4-year-old Australian Shepherd doesn’t have to be told to “go swing” but his dad does anyway. The dog, who lives in Chester, Arkansas, loves to swing outside. His dad made it especially for him and according to his dad it’s the first thing he does when he goes outside. “He never seems to have enough to do! If he isn’t playing ball or Frisbee he is on the swing,” his dad writes on ViralHog adding that his dog, “He is definitely living his best life.”Viewers can’t help but notice how much fun Boudin is and how happy he is too.“This looks so fun, I’m jealous,” writes one person. “Felt happy watching this. He’s a happy dog for sure,” said another.“Pretty cool set up for your pup,” one viewer commented. Others noticed how Boudin used his weight to get the swing going. Smart doggie!

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