Dog Knows How To Tell His Mom What He Wants On Hot Days

A 2-year-old white German Shepherd knows what he wants and how to get it.Buddy lives in Whitewater, Wisconsin and when it’s hot outside he tells his mom exactly what he wants.His mom writes on YouTube:“In the summer, when it’s hot, he gets to play in the sprinkler twice a day to cool off. It’s his FAVORITE water toy – he has a pool, a splash pad, and dog controlled fountain, but his favorite is the regular old sprinkler.She goes on to explaining how well Buddy talks to her:“Buddy is also a master communicator – he knows what he wants, and has no problem asking for it. Mom hadn’t gotten the sprinkler out, so he brought the sprinkler to her, and then showed her the way to the hose so she could connect it.”Viewers are enchanted with Buddy’s clear communication. “I love when dogs do that, in this case he picked up the sprinkler like ‘you know what time it is, don’t you?’” comments one viewer before adding, “And took it to his favorite spot in the yard.”
dog wants sprinkler put onBuddy, master communicator. Screenshot via ViralHog
Another remarked, the dog was clearly saying, “Here make this thing work please!!”One other dog owner said their dog also has a habit of telling them what they want, writing, “My dog bring me socks too for tug war they are smart and cute simultaneously.”

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