Dog Hilariously Howls With Wolves and They So Judge Him For it

While this dog was visiting a zoo with his humans he became mesmerized by a group of howling wolves. He was so taken in that after a few seconds of listening he decides to join in, which leads to one wolf’s hilarious reaction.The video was filmed at a zoo in Neuruppin, Brandenburg, Germany and the dog’s family writes of the moment, “We were at the zoo with our dog to make new adventures with him. Luckily, we saw some wolves and they gave us a phenomenal howl. After some seconds of listening, our dog tries to reply.”But they admit their dog’s howl was “so funny because he didn’t get the right tone.” While he tries to answer them, the wolf in the front stopped and gave our dog a funny judging look,” they write on YouTube.Even though their dog isn’t ready for the “big leagues” of hanging out with the wolf pack, his family says that, “This was one of my favorite moments with him ever!!!”Viewers are equally entertained.“You can see the look of disappointment in the wolf,” writes Azeria on YouTube. “The wolf was surely disappointed, lol. He looked at him and was like, bruh,” responds another.“The dog made them stop howling in confusion,” observes one viewer. “They must have been thinking: ‘Wait. There’s an imposter among us.”“Keep trying kid, you’ll get there,” is what another viewer thinks is happening. Another person on YouTube translates the encounter succinctly:
“The dog: WaUoWoWauwAhwoahWowWoaWhowah.”But one viewer thought the dog is like all of us, concluding, “I’m sure this is how we look/sound trying to speak the native tongue in a country we visit.”

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