Dog Hilariously Does Not Want to Woof

When it comes to woofing, this Golden Retriever rather grumble than bark. When his mom asks him to “woof” he simply humors his mom with a muffled sound. Or as someone commented, “he’s using his indoor voice.”Viewers couldn’t get enough of the goldie’s attitude. “He’s thinking ‘I’m too dignified to make such a noise’ with no treat in sight,” commented one viewer. Another noted, “This older gentleman knows his business, and he’s sticking to it.”Many shared their thoughts on what the dog was actually trying to tell his mom. Among the dialogues people shared were:Lady: Say woof.
Dog: Let’s see how many times I can have her repeat that.Lady: Say woof.
Dog: We don’t do that here.Lady: “Say woof!”
Dog: “Barking is for the uncivilized..”Lady: “Say ‘Woof’.”
Dog: “No. No, I don’t think I will.”One thing is for sure this grumpy Golden Retriever is adorable!

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