Dog Does The Sweetest Thing When She Gets Her Eye Drops

Mia is a dog who knows how to take her medicine. When her dad calls her over to get her medicated eye drops she runs into the room and does the sweetest thing. Her dad writes, “My dog must [get] eye drops and every time we call her to apply them, she is very obedient.”Many dogs can’t stand getting medications and it can often become a battle of the wills between pet parent and their dog. Bobo the Corgi has a clever trick to avoid getting his pills. Dog behaviorists and veterinarians advise that you try to make it an enjoyable experience by rewarding them with a treat after they take their medicine. It doesn’t necessarily have to be food, it can be playtime, cuddles, lots of praise or any combination of positive reinforcement.It’s also recommended to try and give your dog liquid medication whenever possible as it’s easier to administer and often has flavouring added by the manufacturers. Make sure to slowly squeeze the syringe so your dog can swallow it and doesn’t get a shock. And don’t worry if your dog spits some out or you don’t quite get it all in. Practice makes perfect. After your dog has swallowed the liquid give them a reward and lots of praise! We share some more tips in our article How to Give Your Dog a Pill Without Any Hassle.

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